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Artworks of the exhibition

Gravity Bracelet

Gravity Ring

"Galaxy Gravity"
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About the artworks of "Galaxy Gravity"

Just a few months after Antonio Wehrli's unplanned return to Switzerland in 2020, he started the Galaxy Gravity series. In 2021, the intuitively created artworks became the central theme of his work.

Gravity has been an important topic in Wehrli's works since 2014, all of which were located on the blue planet Earth until 2020. With the Galaxy Gravity artworks, gravity becomes an abstract interpretation of visible, actually invisible energy that flows through the galaxies. This free-flowing, energetically connecting gravity colors overflow galaxies and worlds that are similar in color, but different in composition and give the works a unity.

In some paintings clear star orbits or sunrises on distant planets can be discovered, in others color explosions that look like stars at the beginning of warp speed. Then there are the clear, stoically standing columns that could e.g. be time-space curves of the universe as well as many other works of galactic content.

Since the galaxies and universes are painted with interference colors, they appear differently depending on the viewing angle and either shine in strong colors or appear dull and distant.


The Galaxy Gravity works show relevance to our time, in which new probes land on Mars, China and Russia are planning a lunar base and billionaires are proclaiming the era of space tourism.

Antonio Wehrli, September 11, 2021

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Antonio Wehrli Art Biography

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