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The beautifully hand crafted massiv 18k Gold Gravity Bracelet has been designed by artist Antonio Wehrli in collaboration with New York city jewelry designer Jane A. Gordon and various artisans around the world.

The Paint-Drip Gravity bracelet is a masterpiece of precision and detail. 

This statement jewelry is tasteful, elegant and magnificent


CHF 36500 is  about USD 40500 or EUR 33500 (May 2021). If you would like to know a more accurate, up to date exchange price, please check


The jewelry will be made for you on order. Because of current delays and insecurity of availability of artisans, it might take 2 to 3 months for the jewelry to arrive at your door.


Free worldwide shipping. 


The bracelet is also available in white gold or platinum. Please request a quote for other versions. 

18k Gold Gravity Bracelet

CHF 36'500.00Price
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