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ZEITENWENDE - Solo Exhibition by Susanne Hauser

The next exhibition at Antonio Wehrli Art Space, Freibergstrasse 2 in Schwanden GL, Switzerland will be "ZEITENWENDE" by Swiss artist Susanne Hauser. The opening is on May 1st at 3pm.

Susanne Hauser has been an active artist since the 1990s and held several Solo and Group Exhibitions in Switzerland, the United States of America and Europe.

"ZEITENWENDE" means "change of time":

We live in a changing age, fueled by the pandemic. Instead of security, there are uncertainties about civil society and the economy. Freedoms are limited and many people are very concerned about this. The previous possibilities for organizing life and leisure time cannot be used as desired and the restrictions lead to protests.

Susanne Hauser's work is evidence of confidence that normal life will return. They give hope for better times. The artistic examination shows the diversity and creativity of living beings and plants in an intact environment. The beauty of the forms and the aesthetics of the figures testify to optimism that is contrasted with the limitations of the current way of life. The great wealth of fantastic worlds is expressed in artistic form.

In addition, the work draws attention to the problematic handling of our resources.

Susanne Hauser: "We are so small and don't even appreciate that we are surrounded by such a great universe".

While I hope you can come to the opening, I understand that time or location might be an issue. Therefore, I will show all artworks and exhibition views on the website from May 2 onwards.

If you can make it, please let me know before April 30, 2021. Thank you.

One artwork as a teaser:

Oceans, Charcoal and Ink on paper, 70cm x 100cm


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