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Works from 60 years of artistic creation

The next exhibition at Antonio Wehrli Art Space is "Werke aus 60 Jahren Kunstschaffen" which translates to "Works from 60 years of artistic creation". A Solo exhibition by artist Christina Vanomsen, born in 1938, who lives in Schwändi, a village above Schwanden. She has been creating art her whole life. Now, I have the privilege of showing artworks by her from the early beginnings to the most recent years.

Nudes will be shown that she had never dared to exhibit before.

The spectrum of works is from oil on canvas to works on paper and prints.

For the flyer, I chose a colorful part of a bouquet of flowers, done with watercolors on paper.

From now on, the Art Space will have its own website:

I have opened the art gallery over two years ago. The last two years I have kept the Art Space online as part of my personal website. Now it was time to separate the two.

The old url ( will automatically redirect to the new website and for a transitional period, I will keep a button on my personal website to direct visitors to the new one.

Please safe the date for the opening of "Werke aus 60 Jahren Kunstschaffen" on February 11 at 3pm.

I look forward to seeing you again soon at the gallery,

All the best,

Turn your life colorful!



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