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New Horizons - Solo Exhibition by Rudolf Butz

Coming up next at Antonio Wehrli Art Space:

"New Horizons", a Solo Exhibition by artist Rudolf Butz.

It is the first time that an artist from outside of Glarus,Switzerland will be shown at Antonio Wehrli Art Space.

Rudolf Butz was born in Solothurn in 1948. In addition to training at the Zurich School of Design, the Art Academy in Paris, the Academia Del Arte in Florence and the Düsseldorf Art Academy, he worked as a restorer at the Swiss National Museum. He lives and works in Solothurn and Brissago.

The essence of Rudolf Butz's personal style lies in playing with colours, shapes and light. His pictures and objects allow for different interpretations and thus captivate the viewer. The works of Rudolf Butz can be seen in well-known galleries and collections in Switzerland and abroad. Numerous works are in public collections or have been purchased by companies.

"My studio is my head, Solothurn and Brissago are the places where, after studying numerous series of sketches (diaries), all my thoughts are brought to canvas with a trained hand and brush."

Rudolf Butz's pictures tell stories, which the painter leaves to the viewer to discover. Everyone should project and reflect their own stories in his paintings. This is how art makes sense for Butz. «I want my paintings to inspire. An exhibition should be like a culinary experience: eat with relish and taste with joy.”

I look forward to seeing you at the opening on May 27 at 3pm

Turn your life colorful!



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