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Vernissage "SIERS"

Next Saturday, October 21st, the vernissage of “SIERS”, Annette Grunert’s solo exhibition, will take place at 3:00 p.m.

The artist was born in 1962, grew until 1981, traveled until 1982, trained until 1985 and has painted since 1966.

From bright pastels to lemonade at midnight, colors tell stories. She has been putting these stories on paper as paintings since she was a child. Colors are her life.

As a trained designer, Annette Grunert worked in Switzerland and abroad for 25 years. For several years, she has been living her dream and has been painting in her own studio overlooking Lake Constance. Her worlds are meticulously constructed structures that are intended to convey to the viewer the lightness and seduction of their own story. Her paintings need time to mature; sometimes her works need to be developed over several years. In addition to the typical world pictures, Annette Grunert also works on objects. - Luminous balls and structures sometimes made from thousands of layers of paper.

At the exhibition in Schwanden, in addition to paintings painted in acrylic and often woven from paper, she also shows sculptures in various sizes and materials. There are balls and cubes that seem light and airy, but are very heavy and massive. They are cast in concrete, sanded and painted. A delicate ball made of paper with an exciting play of light is also shown.

I look forward to your visit on Saturday,

All the best,

Turn your life colorful!



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