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Vernissage "People and Bodies" on Feb. 17 2024

Next Saturday, February 17th, 2024, the vernissage of "People and Bodies", Dominic Hartmann's solo exhibition, will take place at Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, Glarus.


Dominic Hartmann's second solo exhibition will show humorous and at the same time tragic works of art based on surrealism, which Hartmann has created over the last few years. The works of art deal with situations that shape life. The feelings or decisions that keep the moment in balance are represented in the artworks with a red square.

The bearer of hope, watercolor and collage on paper, 30cm x 40cm, 2023

Dominic Hartmann on “The Bearer of Hope”:

The picture above depicts the dilemma in which a person relies hopefully on another person. This is in order to get further in your career or to receive a special opportunity. You place your hope in someone who you believe will make an effort to help, aka the bearer of hope. The problem, however, is, that another person cannot carry this hope because it belongs to us. Therefore, it happens that we are disappointed. Looking up to a person who we believe will change our lives for the better tends to make us lazy. We expect help and just wait for him or her to take care of it. This illusion can overwhelm us if hope falls back on us, and the supposed bearer of hope also falls because we are disappointed by him/her.


In addition to the exciting watercolor works, the latest works from the “Power of Nature” series can also be discovered at the exhibition.

Palau, 120cm x 120cm, acrylic on canvas, 2023

Nüschenen, 150cm x 112.5cm, acrylic on canvas, 2022

I'm looking forward to your visit.

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