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"Sternschnuppen" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space

Last Saturday, November 13, 2021 was the opening of "Sternschnuppen" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Glarus, Switzerland. It's the first group exhibition at my gallery showing artworks by Lisa Eikrann, Susanne Hauser, MARCK and myself, Antonio Wehrli until January 2nd 2022.

A text by Eduard Hauser describing the exhibition idea:

«Sternschnuppen for Christmas»

The word "meteor" means "floating in the air". Meteors are used to describe the lighting up of falling stars. Small rock and dust particles burn up in the high atmosphere. Meteors start weak and increase in their luminosity. The end of the light phenomenon usually occurs suddenly. In addition to light phenomena, distant rumblings of thunder can also be part of it. This phenomenon used to be seen as an illusion, but has to do with the low speed of sound. Other light and weather phenomena in the atmosphere are also known as meteors. Shooting stars can usually be seen in the second half of the night.

The exploration of the meteors has a long tradition. Practically all small bodies come from the solar system. Most of them are remnants of earlier, resolved comets or through the collision of other small bodies. They are important witnesses from the early days of the solar system.

In popular superstition, someone who happens to see a shooting star in the sky can make a wish that is supposed to come true. As soon as you have seen the shooting star, you should close your eyes and make a wish. It is important that you are the only one who has seen this falling star and that you do not tell anyone else about your wish, otherwise it will not come true. Belief goes as far regionally that you can find a treasure where a shooting star falls to the ground. This motif can also be found in the fairy tale "Die Sterntaler". These are obviously archetypal images from the unconscious of people.

How can the subject of “shooting stars” be related to art?

The subject of “shooting stars” and art can easily be connected through the creativity of artistic creation. A principle of creativity is that what lies apart, for example meteor and cultural values ​​of art, are brought together. In the case of the artistic positions shown, this takes place in very different ways in the exhibition.

Eduard Hauser, November 16, 2021

Big Thanks to Eduard for this text.

Below some images of the exhibition:

For more photos of the exhibition and artworks, please click here:

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