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ISOLATION - Solo Exhibition of MARCK at Antonio Wehrli Art Space

The next exhibition at Antonio Wehrli Art Space starts next Saturday, December 12, 2020. It is the Solo Exhibition "ISOLATION" by Swiss video-installation artist MARCK. I am very happy that MARCK agreed to show his artworks at my new art gallery space. He has had exhibitions in famous art galleries world wide and his art has been shown at over 100 art fairs since 2007 (

MARCK lives in the canton Glarus, Switzerland like me and we met at the group exhibition #Coronakunstglarus, where we both exhibited our artworks. Like me, he is "stranded" in Switzerland. His main home has always been in Switzerland but he used to travel all over the world all the time before Corona made him halt and had him stay at his home in Filzbach, Glarus. His studio and home are in a retired hotel where he has ample space to create.

His creations are very exciting. A combination of installation and video-art. Some works are shocking like "Woman in box", where it seems that a woman is captured, visualizing claustrophobia, which is one of MARCKs basic emotions. He chooses women as the actors in his works because simply put, he is interested in women and likes to watch them all the time.

"Frauenkiste" or Woman in Box, video-sound-installation, 56cm x 44cm x 29cm, Edition of 5 plus AP, CHF 14'000

During his Solo Show at Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, a wonderful selection of works of the past 15 years will be on display, including an Italian Mercedes funeral car turned into art called "Currently no TV":

"Currently no TV", video-installation in retired Italian 1973 Mercedes-Benz 350 SE Pilato Hearse, one of a kind, CHF 48'000

While most of his artworks are limited up to 10 plus AP, he also agreed to show some unique works like "Selfie" and new works never shown before like "Suppentopf".

"Selfie", video installation, 27cm x 27cm x 160cm (incl. base), one of a kind, CHF 11'000

"Pottet Andy Warhol", video-installation, 19cm x 13cm x 13cm, One of a kind, CHF 6'000

I hope you can come to the exhibition opening on December 12, between 2pm and 5pm or during the exhibition until January 30, 2021. For those that cannot come, I will upload all the artworks and make them available online on December 13 or 14. Stay tuned.

While MARCK's artworks were not created in connection with the current Corona Crisis, the title of the show has been inspired by the lockdowns and self-isolation or imposed isolations. Most of his artworks show a single woman who is captured in a limited environment of a screen, having to do a difficult task that is never ending like in the story of Sisyphus. Many of us might feel imprisoned in our apartments or houses.

"Turkish Bath" (in a can), video-installation, 30cm x 18cm x 5cm, Edition of 8 plus AP, CHF 6'000

My own artwork will be on display at the Kunstmuseum Glarus which opens a group exhibition "Kunstschaffen" on the same day from 12pm to 8pm. If you have a chance to come to Glarus and Schwanden, you can experience two exhibitions at once.

I hope you can escape confinement and enjoy art, nature, sun and wind.

Stay safe and healthy,

All the best,



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