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"Galaxy Gravity" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space, Switzerland

Yesterday was the opening of my new exhibition "Galaxy Gravity" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space, which will last until October 18, 2021. For this show, the whole gallery got wrapped in black cloth. 

The big paintings, the bench and the space all dressed in black gives the main room of the small mountain village gallery a museum like feel.

A total of 30 artworks are on display out of which five large works that have more than two square meters surface - the biggest one even 5m².

I have started the first works of the Galaxy Gravity series just a few months after my unplanned return to Switzerland. This year, the intuitively created galaxy artworks became the central theme of my work.

Gravity has been an important topic in my work since 2014. Until recently, the artworks were located on the blue planet Earth. With the Galaxy Gravity artworks, gravity becomes an abstract interpretation of made visible, actually invisible energy that flows through the galaxies. This free-flowing, energetically connecting gravity colors overflow galaxies and worlds that are similar in color, but different in composition and give the works a unity.

In some paintings star orbits or sunrises on distant planets can be discovered, in others color explosions that look like stars at the beginning of warp speed. Then there are the clear, stoically standing columns that could e.g. be time-space-frequency funnels as well as many other works of galactic content.

Since the galaxies and universes are painted with interference colors, they appear differently depending on the viewing angle and either shine in strong colors or appear dull and distant.

The Galaxy Gravity works show relevance to our time, in which new probes land on Mars. China and Russia are planning a lunar base and billionaires are proclaiming the era of space tourism.

Timely with the show opening, I received new stock of my Gravity Jewelry.

Two new pieces have become part of the collection: a blackened rhodium plated sterling silver bracelet and a blackened rhodium plated ring. Their plating is not even which gives them an interesting "wear" look, like it's worn and loved despite being new. Each piece is slightly different and therefore unique. It's the perfect jewelry not just for goth lovers but for all that like the extra special.

Black pieces of jewelry are definitely the ideal complement to the Galaxy Gravity works painted on a black background.

There are also three vases - Galaxy Gravity Vases on display.

You can browse all the artworks and exhibition views here: or by clicking on any image of the blog.

Unwrapping my crowdfunding is getting delayed unfortunately. I need some more time to prepare it. The Gravity jewelry will be a part of its perks.

In a few days I will be able to present you the design that shows the roaring 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback changed to "Art Mustang by Antonio Wehrli".

I wish you all the best!

Turn your life colorful!



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