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Happy New Year!

On Sunday, January 14th will be the finissage of "NATURA POETICA". It's the last day that the amazing photocompositions by Peter Wallimann can be seen at Antonio Wehrli Art Space, Schwanden Glarus. Come at 3pm for a glass of wine and meet the artist who will give his insights on how he meticulously created those artworks during more than 1600 hours.

NATURA POETICA is a magical, photographic art project by Peter Wallimann with the aim of inspiring and sensitizing people. The Swiss artist combines bright photographs of plants, butterflies and other living creatures with astronomical images, such as the globe or outer space. The playful fusion of microcosm and macrocosm creates natural, imaginary worlds full of beauty and fantasy.

Blue Dream - Blue Morpho in front of a cosmic sea of flowers - 53 x 40cm - C-Print behind acrylic - edition of 15


NATURA POETICA combines expressive nature photographs with poetic texts and philosophical thoughts. The viewer is transported into sensitive spaces and enters into a mystical dialogue with creation. The works are intended to make the beauty and fragility of life visible - a prerequisite for more mindfulness when dealing with nature.


I look forward to your visit and your companionship from 3 p.m. onwards.


Warm greetings from Schwanden,

Turn your life colorful!



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