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Exhibition Opening of "ISOLATION" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space

Last Saturday was the exhibition opening of "ISOLATION", Solo-Exhibition of MARCK at Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden GL, Switzerland.

Because of current restrictions of Corona it was fairly quiet and peaceful with about 30 visitors enjoying the fabulous artworks of MARCK. Luckily they came over a period of 3 hours and the busiest it got was with 12 people at once. Because of the size of the Art Space, a maximum of 15 at once would have been allowed. Therefore, we never had to limit the flow and make them wait outside in the cold.

As you can see from the snow, it was cold indeed.

The snow gave the Mercedes Hearse Video Installation "Currently no TV" a new look.

Some of the artworks were displayed in the windows of the gallery. It was fun to see the visitors looking from outside first, then come inside to warm up before going out again to glimpse at another artwork.

A wonderful selection of 25 artworks were on display, resp. are on display until January 30, 2021. On the opening day, just prior to the opening, MARCK brought by some video stills, signed and numbered. This allowed admirers to purchase a present for their friends or themselves at a lower price tag. Like a still of "Black Hair" that sold twice within the first hour, limited as an edition of 5 + AP and available at CHF 600.

The still is taken from the video loop of 23 minutes. The whole loop could be admired in the first window to the left of the entrance. This artwork, an LCD screen with metal frame and video loop is with 131cm x 77cm x 7cm of impressive size.

There were many more amazing artworks on display, like a unique new artwork, just finished a few days prior to the exhibition, "Suppentopf No. 2" with a 27:22 minutes video loop of a woman swimming in circles inside the pot, which is a fondue pot for Swiss style Chinese fondue.

"Selfie" and many other very clever artworks, both unique and limited editions by MARCK could be enjoyed too.

From his famous water series, three artworks were on display, "Neue Freiheit Blau", "Tauchen" and "Türkisches Bad (in Dose)". All three feature video loops of an isolated woman swimming back and forth within a limited area of a pool, limited by real and projected obstacles. In "Tauchen", the middle work, she swims from one screen to the other by diving down and coming up in the other.

A truly wonderful exhibition.

I am very happy to have been able to show such a famous and internationally acclaimed artist for the second exhibition at my Antonio Wehrli Art Space.

For more images of the exhibitions and individual artworks, click on any image of this blog and you will arrive at the exhibition page. If you are interested in an artwork and would like to see additional images or video parts, please let me know by sending an email to

As always, I hope you stay safe and sound.

Turn your life colorful!

All the best,



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