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"Centrifugals" - exhibition impressions

Last Saturday was the opening of the exhibition "Centrifugals" - artworks and NFT.

It's the first time I used the app "artivive" to combine my real-world artworks of the Centrifugal series with their digital counterparts, their NFTs. With this app, visitors were able to view both at the same time. And they had fun doing so.

You can try it on your screen from home. Scan the artwork images on the exhibition page with artivive and see it change.

Below you see a scanned artwork in action as seen on a phone screen:

I think it is fascinating to see this augmented reality and combine digital with physical space.

Below another one:

For some I kept zero distance between digital expression and surface of the artwork, for some, like the ones on show in this post, I incresed the distance quite a bit.

The possibility to view the artwork digitally on a small phone screen in the actual environment might distract to some degree from the artwork itself, but I think it is very cool. Of course, it is important to enjoy the artwork on its own without the distraction as well.

For images of the exhibition, go here:

One last video of an animated artwork in the gallery space:

If you want to view the animated works directly instead of scanning them, you can go to my NFT page on opensea and see them in action:

For every purchase of the real-world artwork, I will drop the corresponding NFT to your ETH- or MATIC-wallet, depending on the blockchain I used to create the NFT.

The exhibition will be open on Fridays from 3:15pm to 5pm and on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm until November 29. If you would like to visit outside those regular opening times, please send me a message and I will gladly organize a private viewing.


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