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Biennial Chengdu and update on Crowdfunding

Today starts the Biennial Chengdu “Visual Theatre”, located at and around the XLY MoMA Chengdu, China. My artworks as well as the artworks of two artists of my gallery, Lisa Eikrann and Susanne Hauser, were chosen to participate.

I will send you images as soon as I get them from China.

Meanwhile, my crowdfunding got a boost thanks to a long time collector of my work and the many friends and fans that supported me with smaller amounts. Over 50 people have already supported my crowdfunding and I truly hope you will support me too.

It does not matter if it is with a small amount or a big amount. Being part of my success story – that’s what’s important. Get your keepsake of my ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI as there will only be one ART MUSTANG in my entire career - well, never say never, who knows what happens in the future – it will definitely be the only 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback. Moreover it will be the first ART CAR in my career. In case I create other art cars in the future, this will always be the first one.

Go to this link:

and support me now while the crowdfunding is still on. In only 5 days the crowdfunding ends and with it the chance to be part of it.

Make history with me!

Thank you!

Turn your life colorful!

Antonio Wehrli


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