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ARTitude - soft opening of two virtual galleries

Just in time for the New Year, I could curate two virtual galleries for Artitude, a new online - virtual gallery space with offices in Singapore.

Four artists from China are represented with their works at "Chinese Contemporary Art" and five from Europe at "European Contemporary Art".

The gallery spaces are of high resolution and very well done. It's a pleasure to browse around and stop in front of an artwork to immerse oneself in it.

A wonderful way to experience museum quality artworks from the comfort of your home.

I invite you to try it out:


A close up side-view of my work in the virtual space

A look into "Chinese Contemporary Art"

If you look at the space from your phone or tablet, you can click on the "i" next to an artwork and go to "AR" to see the artwork in your environment. It will adjust it's size and give you more or less the accurate dimensions of how it will look on your wall.

As an example "Bella Fantasia" by Rudolf Butz. The AR button is highlighted in black.

At first the artwork might stand right in the middle of the room - which is quite funny. The loading time may vary depending on your internet connection. Give it a bit of time. Once the artwork is loaded, push "tap to view in your space". It might be a bit of a "trial and error" initially but great fun once you figure out how to manage it perfectly - or frustrating if you don't.

I hope it will be the former.

Please let me know how you enjoy "walking" through the galleries.

Please also tell/write me if you have ideas of how to improve the virtual experience.

Thank you!

Have a fabulous start into the New Year 2023!

Turn your life colorful!



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