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ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI and Finissage of "Galaxy Gravity"

The crowdfunding of the "ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI" has started three weeks ago and will run for another three weeks. - yes, I added ten days. I wasn't able to finalize the Chinese version of the crowdfunding prior to Tuesday, September 28 and I wanted to give my Chinese friends as much time for decision making as my other friends and fans around the world.

If you have supported me already: thank you very much!

If you haven't yet, but thought about: thank you very much for thinking about - and I certainly hope that you will decide to support me. :-)

Level 3: Signed and numbered art-poster

- A signed and numbered art-poster of the ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI

(art-poster edition will be limited to the people who order Level 3 and above;

the print will show the actual car, not the rendering)


- Level 2: set of 10 postcards of my artworks

- Level 1: Thank you Card

- free shipping

Level 3 is the absolute favorite so far with 17 people supporting. The poster might stay fairly limited. Currently we are at a limitation of only 23. That's including the higher Level purchases. That's rare. I hope to have many more orders of course, but I can imagine it to stay below 100.

When do you get the chance to purchase a highly limited, hand-signed and numbered art poster for under USD 100?

Plus getting 11 postcards with it... a true bargain.

Level 5: Gravity Germania and gallery visit

- Choose on a first come first serve basis your favorite "Gravity Germania" artwork. Upon request, I will frame it and sign it on the passe-partout just below the artwork in addition to the regular signature on the back. If you wish, I add a dedication "for ..." or other wording on the mount.

- If you are in Switzerland and want to visit the gallery, I come pick you up in Glarus with the ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI and we have coffee together at the gallery (only available on days without rain or snow, on bad weather days, we can still have coffee and a fabulous time together)

Including: All the goodies from Level 3

This is a fabulous choice as well. There are many wonderful artworks from the "Gravity Germania" series to choose from and all items from Level 3 are included.

I have been asked to explain the idea of the "ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI" again.

For one, indeed, it is a driving artwork - a dream of mine come true to create an art car.

But just for the creation of an art car, I would have kept waiting for better times. The idea to create this art car developed from the need to be out in the open and having my art seen by people. Art lovers that do not get a chance to come to the gallery because of current difficulties. On the "ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI" will be a prominently placed QR code that leads scanners to the art car landing page, my art and art space. Then they can learn about my work, about works of other artists that my gallery works with and of course purchase the artworks.

As importantly, they will be happy when they see the car and my art. A chance to make thousands experience a happy moment.

My website name will also be prominently visible on the car. People that will share images of themselves with the art car on social media will send my website name around the world. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes not knowingly. The best way to reach an even bigger audience and make them happy too.

People that see this cool car will start to love my art.

That's the idea.

With your help I can gain new audiences, make the viewers pause in their busy day and make them happy.

My exhibition "Galaxy Gravity" has had a difficult start. Swiss government implemented new Covid-restrictions right at the beginning of my show and people are afraid to go out or come in. This shows again that my ART MUSTANG idea is highly needed at current times.

I will do a "Finissage" for this exhibition. It will not be a big event like last time but a small get together with drinks outside. Anything else would be forbidden unfortunately.

If you have a chance to come by, please come. I would be honored and happy to see you.

Hopefully until next Saturday - and if Saturday does not work out - until soon.

All the best,

Turn your life colorful!



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