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Antonio Wehrli at Kuanzhai Xiangzi - Wide and Narrow Alley in Chengdu

I hope you had a fantastic two weeks since my last blog post.

I did not write last Sunday because for one, my 3TB hard drive broke. More than half a year of photos and info were on that hard drive only. I forgot to back it up for too long... It is being looked at and hopefully the data can be recovered. But it seems the big size makes it take longer than anticipated. Another reason is that I have a lot going on right now and it is difficult to allocate time to write an informative, semi-long email. This coming week, I will have two openings nearby Chengdu, accompanying the „Peach Blossom Festival“ of Luodai. One opening on March 16, the other on March 17.

Today, I will not write you very long, but instead send you the link to a TV commentary about me in Kuanzhai Xiangzi – Wide and Narrow Alley. An old part of Chengdu that originated in Qin Dynasty (310 BC).

Be patient while loading since the server is in Hong Kong. It was also shown on Taiwanese TV and of course on Chengdu CDTV 5.

Have a wonderful new week!

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