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My Centrifugal Artworks

Last year in March 2016, I developed a new painting technique that involves a "centrifugal machine." Based on the idea of letting color flow, taken from my gravity series, I wanted to paint round canvasses. The round format however asks for something else than gravity to let the color flow. In my opinion, it would look "out of balance" when my gravity structure would drop from one side of the round artwork.

While writing this, I realize that I should give it a try just to see how it would look in the conscious realm compared to my imaginative realm. An idea for later...

In order to get a balanced, elegant, happy artwork, I wanted the color to flow evenly from all sides - or from inside out. But how to achieve such a flow? The solution was quickly found - by centrifugal force.

I took my air ventilator, put it on the floor, added plastic walls around it and off I went to create my first centrifugal artwork.

I realized that this idea must have been influenced by “Spin Paintings” of the sixties. Although, besides the part that they turn during the creation process, there are no other similarities. However, there are several differences:

As example, I paint the artworks flat when they do not turn and spin them only after having finished all my brush and palette knife work; the color on my work is quite thick, up to 4mm; the color is just slowly flowing towards the outside, not added during the spinning; I create them in my “Tai Chi Wave Style”; etc.

The artworks are painted energetically and happy to achieve the major objective of uplifting the spectator, to make her or him happy too.

I exhibited some of the centrifugal artworks at WM Gallery Chengdu in May and later in 2016 at other locations in Chengdu and Shanghai.

In July, I did my first "big" centrifugal artwork after having upgraded the machine to support the heavier weight and size of a 1.2m canvas.

Those bigger centrifugal artworks of 1.2m diameter as well as some medium ones of 80cm diameter were first exhibited in October 2016 on especially created "look through" walls on shopping level 3 at IFS Chengdu. Next to the Swiss watch shops Zenith and Hublot as well as in front of Lane Crawford and Louis Vuitton.

Now they are in private collections and various galleries.

New ones are in the planning.

Besides my round “Centrifugal” artworks, I also created some hexagonal ones and started an oval one.

I hope you feel the energy and happiness and wish you a fantastic new week!


PS: A clip of the „Blueroof Emerging Artist Village Games“ opening can be seen here:

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